This is the support page for all of my products. Here you will find links to resources and instructions for all of my projects. This is a work in progress.



These are products which I have either fully designed, or made significant design contributions to. These products will have the most complete documentation provided by me.


The SNES RGB Bypass + Dejitter mod is a 2 in 1 mod for the SNES Mini and 1Chip consoles.

It combines the functions of Bori4938’s SNES RGB Bypass amp with S-Video [Github], and Marqs85’s SNES Dejitter mod [Github].




N64RGBv1 + 3.3V Regulator Support Page

The N64RGBv1 +3.3V Regulator is a derivative of Borti4938’s N64RGBv1 mod [Github], with a 3.3v regulator integrated directly onto the board to provide clean RGB video output. This should be considered the final form of the original Tim Worthington R2R RGB mod.





CPS2 Multi Key Writing QSB

The CPS2 Multi Kit Key Writing QSB is a safer and more convenient way to install key writing wires to your Darksoft CPS2 Multi Kit. It uses the J4 hole pattern on the multi kit PCB as an anchor point for a 6 pin JST NH connector identical to the CN9 connector on the CPS2 B board that the key writing wires connect to. This allows easy installation and removal of the key writing wires with no risk of damaging the sensitive pads on the multi kit.






The PICKnMIX Fix PCB is a compact mod for Universe Bios V4 equipped NEO-GEO arcade boards that allows you to enter PICKnMIX mode with a 161 in 1 cartridge without having to hold any buttons at startup.