SNES RGB Bypass + Dejitter Mod

This mod is a combination of Marqs85’s SNES Dejitter mod and the THS7374 based SNES RGB Bypass circuit designed by Borti4938. By combining two of the most useful mods for Super Nintendo video output, this mod provides an easy to install one stop shop for high quality SNES RGB. This mod is intended for the Super Nintendo JR and 1Chip console variations only.

Features of the mod:

– High quality RGB Bypass based on the design by Borti4938.
– S-Video restore for SNES Mini/jr.
– TTL C-sync restore for 1CHIP-03 models.
– C-Sync dejitter functionality from Marqs85’s SNES Dejitter mod project.
– Optional logic level C-Sync output for adding dejittered S-Video and Composite video.
– Ability to disable dejitter functionality on demand.

Installation Instructions:

Installation of this mod varies depending on which motherboard you have. The two major versions are the SNES JR, and the SNES 1Chip motherboards.

Usage Instructions:

Detailed information about settings, cable requirements, and other miscellaneous mod related information can be found on the Usage Instructions page.