Console JAMMAizer V2 Round 2 Restock!

The time has finally come. The second round of Console JAMMAizer V2 production has been completed and they will be available for purchase at 3:00pm CST on Sunday 5/26/2024.

The Console JAMMAizer V2 is a major update over the original Console JAMMAizer. It vastly improves VGA support compared to the original design, so connecting MAME, Mister, Dreamcast or any other VGA source will look great no matter what monitor you have!*

The other major update is the upgraded remapping chip. The old console JAMMAizer could only remap buttons 1-6, but the new remapping chip now allows you to remap buttons 1-8!

You can pick one up here once they are in stock!

*(Note that the Console JAMMAizer does not downscale the video input, so if you are trying to use sources outputting greater then 15khz you need to make sure that either your monitor supports it, or you have a downscaling device in the chain before the signal is connected to the Console JAMMAizer.) 


As part of the Console JAMMAizer V2 restock, I’ve also produced another batch of MC Cthulhu EZ PCBs. These boards are designed to accept the original MC Cthulhu’s microcontroller, and convert the MC Cthulhu to a Brook style layout so it is compatible with the Console JAMMAizer. You need to provide your own Mc Cthulhu chip to make this a complete board.

You can pick up these boards here


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May 26, 2024 arthrimus

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