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Recently I acquired my first Candy Cab, a SEGA New Net City! As a result I’ve been working on a couple of arcade related projects. Here’s a little rundown of what I’ve got going on.


Console JAMMAizer

Currently in development, hopefully ready for release soon, this device is allows you to connect RGB scart game consoles to your JAMMA arcade machine! Target price is between $100 and $150, This will depend on the quantity ordered for the inital run. Most of the cost will be tied up in getting properly hard gold plated PCBs made that will be durable for long term use.

Main PCB Features:

  • SCART Input Connector for video and audio.
  • Fully amplified RGB video and mono audio to the JAMMA edge.
  • Sync Stripping for Composite video or Luma sync cables/consoles.
  • Stereo audio out through RCAs for stereo amplified cabinets.
  • Onboard volume control for JAMMA speaker out.
  • RGB impedance control for fine tuning with your monitor.
  • Controls are handled through 2x 20 Pin headers compatible with Brook Retro boards, UFB, PS360+, or any other PCB with the matching 20 pin header,
  • Buttons 4-6 available on the JAMMA edge as well as through a CPS2 kick harness plug.
  • Player 1/2 Home and Select buttons available through on board buttons as well as through an auxiliary wiring harness.
  • Button 6 on the JAMMA edge can be toggled on or off by switch. Only use with cabinets wired for CHAMMA PCBs.
  • External input header for future input options.

There are a couple of additional accessories in development for this project also.

VGA Input Hat 

This accessory will connect to the EXT_IN port of the man Console JAMMAizer PCB and provide VGA and 3.5mm audio input. there is a toggle switch for Sync that selects between combined H/V sync or H sync only depending on your setup. Mainly this is intended for MAME pc users, but could theoretically be used for Dreamcast, Xbox 360, etc. for JAMMA cabinets that have tri-sync monitors. Target Price $20 


MC Cthulhu EZ PCB

This accessory is a redesigned PCB for the popular MC Cthulhu multi console controller PCB. This redesign makes the MC Cthulhu compatible with the Console JAMMAizer’s 20 pin connector and controller PCB footprint. You can swap the chip from your existing MC Cthulhu PCB onto this one, or you can purchase just the MC Cthulhu chip from Paradise Arcade. This part of the project is available now, priced at $22 shipped to the continental USA.



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August 27, 2019 arthrimus

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