Major Store Update!

Hello everyone. I’ve been neglecting this site for a while due to a variety of reasons both personal and logistical, but I’m happy to announce that I am finally getting back into the swing of things running the store. The crippling supply chain issues that I was dealing with over the past few years seem to have subsided recently and I can actually reliably get parts for my projects in reasonable quantities. I’ve also worked out a better manufacturing situation for my projects so I will no longer have to do so much hand assembly for every individual item I sell. Granted it still isn’t a completely hands off manufacturing process, it’s just that now I will be doing less surface mount soldering and will only mostly need to hand solder through hole components. This will make it a lot easier to produce larger batches of items, and free up more time for R&D on new projects.


I’ve already begun restocking certain items and plan to restock many more items over the coming weeks.

Available now are the following items:

Available within the next few weeks:

    • Wii HDMI DIY kit without installation service
    • SNES RGB Bypass + Dejitter Boards
    • A new customized SNES RGB Bypass board
    • Vewlix Console I/O boards
    • Sega Console I/O boards
    • Playstation to DB15 adapters (with new 3D printed housing)
    • SNES to DB15 adapters with 3D printed housing

Available early next year:

    • Console JAMMAizer (New hardware revision, details to come)
    • Universal JAMMA Kit for Vewlix and Sega JVS cabinets
    • Vewlix SEGA JVS I/O Adapter Kits


I’m excited to get back in the game here and bring out some new projects. Merry Christmas everybody!

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December 5, 2023 arthrimus

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