WiiHDMI Release Information

WiiHDMI Release Info

I’ve finally worked out a way that is feasible for me to release the WiiHDMI mod. Unfortunately, due to the obscurity of some of the components required for the WiiHDMI mod and the limitations of the PCB manufacturer that I use for my relatively low volume orders, I have really had to carefully consider how to proceed. Most of my mods come to me from my PCB manufacturer with basic components like resistors, capacitors and diodes installed already, and I finish assembly by adding the FPGAs, Flash memory, CPLDs, RGB amps etc. myself by hand. With the Wii HDMI it’s much more complicated, because it has so many components that my PCB manufacturer won’t populate for me, that are so sensitive to heat that I struggle to reflow myself. This basically means that I have to hand solder 3 connectors, an FPGA, a voltage regulator, a Flash rom, a tact switch and an IR receiver. Each one of these boards require a significant amount of assembly time, which means I cannot produce them in large quantities with the limited time I have to dedicate to this business.

Therefore I have decided to offer them as an installation service item only. I will assemble and install them for anyone who wants to hire my services, but I will not be able to offer self installation kits. My installation service is listed here on the store.

If you do want to install it yourself I have released all of the required files on Github and you can make one of these yourself.

General Site Updates

I’m officially no longer on hiatus, but I am changing some of my operations a bit so this can be a more sustainable endeavor going forward. I am retiring some of my products and reducing the amount of items that I have to hand assemble. This means that for a lot of my arcade products I will be shifting primarily to a DIY kit format. I will be selling kits that require assembly of the through hole components by the end user. These kits will have all of the SMD components pre-populated, so they will be beginner friendly. If you need a fully assembled kit then I will offer an assembly service at an extra charge. This is another way that I can reduce the time investment for each sale, while maintaining better availability of the product offerings that I have.

This is a work in progress but I will be working through this over the course of the next few weeks, and will offer more details once I work everything out.

Thanks for everyone for your patience over the past year. I really needed the break, and I think I’ll be able to have a much more sustainable relationship with this website in the future.

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February 28, 2022 arthrimus

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